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Applied Mechanics



Investigation of the Effect of Composite Bed on Milling Machine to Reduce Chatter

Adib Bin Rashid (IUT, Bangladesh) Hasibul Shams (IUT) Abdur Rashid Tipu (Bangladesh) Mohammad Reyad Arefin (IUT)


Imaging Problems of a Low Cost Finger Print Sensor & Adjusting Various Parameters for its Improvement

Amit Roy (RUET, Bangladesh) Md. Rokunuzzaman (RUET) S. M. Rasid (RUET) Md . M. Hasan (RUET) G. Azam (RUET) B. K. Sarker (RUET)


Design and Implementation of a Remote Controlled Robotic Arm Based on Industrial Application Perspective

Md. Bony Amin (KUET, Bangladesh) G.M. Sultan Mahmud Rana (KUET) Abdullah-Al-Farabi (KUET) A.M.M. Nazmul Ahsan (KUET) Md. Ahasan Habib (KUET)


Hand Gesture Recognition by Artificial Neural Network                             

Soumen paul (KUET, Bangladesh) Md. Abu Shahab Mollah (AUST, Bangladesh) Rajibuzzaman (KUET) Tanvir Ahmad (AUST)  Kazi Toufiqur Rahman (DIU, Bangladesh)


Effect of Frequency and Amplitude of Vibration on Ring-Traveller Friction of Ring Spinning Frame                                                                                    Hosne Ara Begum (Bangladesh) Prof. Dr. Md. Maksud Helali (Bangladesh) Abu Bakr Siddique (Bangladesh)


Development of an Automatic Humidity Control System

M.E. Hoque (RUET, Bangladesh) S.M. Rasid (RUET) Amit Roy (RUET) N. Paul (RUET) Ferdous Alam (RUET) Md. Raseluzzaman (RUET)


Design & Performance Analysis of a Smart Portable PV Charger        

Md. Abu Shahab Mollah (AUST, Bangladesh) M. A. Parvez Mahmud (UST, South Korea) Md. Faysal Nayan (KUET, Bangladesh) Shahjadi Hisan Farjana (KUET, Bangladesh) Sharmin Sobhan (AUST, Bangladesh)


Development of Autonomous Line Following Robots for Solving a Maze Problem.

Md. Rokunuzzaman (RUET, Bangladesh) Asif Ahmed Shishir (RUET) Md. Saeed Sharman  (RUET)  Amit Roy (RUET)


Development of a Multipoint Digital Thermometer by Microcontroller         

Amit Roy (RUET, Bangladesh)  Md. M. Hasan (RUET) S. U. Ahmed (RUET) Md. Rokunuzzaman (RUET)


Development of Automatic Smart Waste Sorter Machine

Mahmudul Hasan Russel (CUET, Bangladesh) Mehdi Hasan Chowdhury (CUET) Md. Shekh Naim Uddin (CUET) Ashif Newaz (CUET) Md. Mehdi Masud Talukder (CUET)


Improvement of Vibration Isolation Characteristics Using Acceleration Feedback Based on Kalman Filter Estimation

M. M. Zaglul Shahadat (Saitama University, Japan) T. Mizuno (SU,) Y. Ishino (SU) M. Takasaki (SU)


Design and Fabrication of a Model Remote Control Gun Fire                           

Md. Tazul Islam (CUET, Bangladesh) Syed Al-Mamun (CUET) M Raisul Islam (AIUB, Bangladesh)


Development of an Obstacle Avoidance System for Mobile Robot to Avoid Accident by Using Microcontroller

Md. Rokunuzzaman (RUET, Bangladesh) Amit Roy (RUET) S. M. Rasid (RUET) Md. Sumon Reza (RUET) Md. Anik Islam (RUET)



An Analytical Study of Passive Anti-Roll Tanks

Gazi Md. Khalil (BUET, Bangladesh) Syed Marzan-ul Hasan (YNU, Japan) Md. Ehsan Khaled (YNU)


Implementation of Drive by Wire Technology Replacing the Conventional Vehicle Control System

Ahmad Hasan Jarjis (KUET, Bangladesh) Md. Zonayed Hossain (KUET)  G.M Sultan Mahmud Rana (KUET) Niamat Ullah Ibne Hossain (KUET)


PLC Based Automatic Railway Gate Control & Remote Monitoring System

Khandaker Marsus (RUET, Bangladesh) Md. Selim Habib (RUET) Mohammad Ezaz Hossain (RUET) Md. Reazuddin (RUET) Md. I.H. Bhuiyan (RUET)


Harvesting Energy from Sound and Vibration                                              

Arifur Rahman (RUET, Bangladesh) M. E. Hoque (RUET)







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