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Sea-Level Extremes and Change- Example of Bangladesh

Cansu Karsili (LU, Sweden) I. B. Muhit (CUET, Bangladesh) Mohammad Emdadul Hoque (LU, Sweden) Sohidul Islam (LU, Sweden)


Group Velocity Dispersion Analysis of Rajshahi Earthquake for Studying the Crustal Thickness

Md. Omar Faruk (RU, Bangladesh ) Syed Mustafizur Rahman (RU)Md. Abul Hashem (RU) Mumnunul Keramat (RU, Rajshahi)


Analyzing Energy Drinks Effect on Respiratory and Cardiac Function by Wavelet Transforms Using Laser Doppler Flowmetry

Md. Nafiur Rahman Protik (HMDSTU, Bangladesh) Fatema Khatun (HMDSTU, Bangladesh) Muhammad Muinul Islam (KUET, Bangladesh)


Better Understanding of Food Material on the Basis of Water Distribution using Thermogravimetric Analysis                                                                 

Mohammad U. H. Joardder (QUT, Australia)  M.A. Karim(QUT, Australia) Chandan Kumar (QUT, Australia)


Effects of Soil Salinity on Crop Production rate of the South West Zone of Bangladesh

B. Ahmed (RUET, Bangladesh) H. M. Rasel (RUET) M. R. Hasan (RUET) M. S. U. Miah (RUET)


Study of Soil Properties and Evaluation of Evapo-transpiration for Wheat by Soil Moisture Depletion Studies

H. M. Rasel (RUET, Bangladesh) B. Ahmed (RUET) M. R. Hasan (RUET) M. S. U. Miah (RUET)


Wastewater Quality at Different Stages of Decentralised Waste water Treatment Process in the Peoples Panchtala Colony at Kalishpur, Khulna

Shuma R. Saha (KUET, Bangladesh) Muhammed Alamgir (KUET)


A Survey of Different Types of Mask Available in Market and Development of a New Mask to Resist Particulate Emission

Md. Abdur Rahim (RUET, Bangladesh), Md. Shamim Akhter (RUET) S.M. Rasid (RUET) Md. Shahadat Hossain (RUET) Md. Sheikh Farid (RUET)


Environmental Impact Assessment of Madhyapara Granite Mine, North West  Bangladesh

Md. Nahid Nowsher (JSTU, Bangladesh) H. M. Ratul-Al-Istiak (JSTU) Tanvir Rahman Mahid (JSTU) Bapi Biswas (JSTU) S. M. Azmol Huda (JSTU) Mohammad Tofayal Ahmed (JSTU)  H.M. Zakir Hossain (JSTU)


Improved Underground Mine Design for Reducing Subsidence at Barapukuria Coal Mine, NW Bangladesh

S    Syeda Musarrat Jabin (JSTU, Bangladesh) Kamruzzaman Miah (JSTU)                                                                                           Md. Hafizur Rahman (JSTU) Md. Abdullah-Al-Josi (JSTU) Md. Minhaj Uddin Monir (JSTU) H. M. Zakir Hossain (JSTU)


People’s Perception on Environment in Urban Areas: A case Study on Dhaka City

Md. Shahidul Islam  (PC, Bangladesh) Md. Masud Rana(PC) Raquib Ahmed (PC) 


Impact of Climate Change on Water Supply and Sanitation: A Case Study in Char Area

Selim Ahmed (KUET, Bangladesh) Kh. Mahbub Hassan (KUET) Md. Hasibur Rahman Lemon (KUET)


Assesment of Supplied Water Quality of Khulna WASA Of Bangladesh

Kanij Fahmida (KUET, Bangladesh) Md. Hasibur Rahman Lemon  (KUET) Md. Saiful Islam (KUET) Md. Abdul Kader (KUET)


Evaluation of Subsurface Geologic Formation in the Barind Tract, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

M.A.F.M. Rashidul Hasan (RU, Bangladesh) R. Yasmin (RU, Bangladesh) S. Shahid (UTM, Malaysia) Mumnunul Keramat(RU, Bangladesh)


A Study or Heavy Minerals Resereve and Seperation Forces from Raw Beach Sands Along the Coastal Belt of Bangladesh

Mohammad Islam Miah (CUET, Bangladesh)


Color Strength Modeling of Knitted Fabrics Using Fuzzy Logic Approach

Ismail Hossain (UM, Malaysia) Altab Hossain (UM) I. A. Choudhury (UM) A. Bakar (UM) A. Shahid (DUET, Bangladesh)



Study of River Bank Sedimentation Using Permeable Structural Measures

Md. Lutfor Rahman (RRI, Faridpur, Bangladesh) Md. Showkat Osman (DUET)


Zinc Calume Profile Steel Sheet for Roofing Element

S. M. Zahurul Islam (RUET, Bangladesh) Abang - Abdullah Abang Ali (UPM, Malaysia)


Strip Tillage Seeding Technique: A Better Option for Utilizing

Md. Israil Hossain (RWRC, Bangladesh)  M. K. Gathala (RWRC Bangladesh) T.P. Tiwari (CIMMYT ,Bangladesh)


An Assessment of Subsidence due to the Extraction of 1203 Slice with its Associated Factors in the Barapukuria Coal Mine, Bangladesh

M. Farhad Howladar (SUST, Bangladesh) Kamrul Hasan (SUST)


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