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Thermal Engineering



Finite Difference Solution of the Transient Free Convection in Micropolar Fluid with Heat Generation and Constant Heat Flux

GM Rashid (KUET, Bangladesh) MM Alam (KU, Bangladesh) MA Hossain (KUET)


Enhancement of Higher Evaporating Temperature of Household Refrigerator using Phase change Material

Md. Imran Hossen Khan (DUET, Bangladesh) Hasan M.M. Afroz (DUET) Md. Mostafizur Rahman (DUET)


Aspen-Hysys Simulation of a Condensate Fractionation Plant

Sukanta Kumar Mondal (SUST, Bangladesh) M. Rakib Uddin (SUST)  A. K. Azad (CQU, Australia)


Conjugate Effect of Convection and Conduction in a Nanofluid–Filled Complicated Cavity

Salma parvin (BUET, Bangladesh) Rehena Nasrin (BUET) M. A. Alim (BUET)


Experimental Investigation and Prediction of Heat Transfer in Turbulent Flow through Tube with Conical Ring Inserts

Saddam Hossain Khan (BUET, Bangladesh) M. A. Rashid Sarkar (BUET)


Heat Absorption and Joule Heating Effect along a Vertical Wavy Surface on MHD Free Convection Flow with Viscosity Dependent on Temperature

N. Parveen (BUET, Bangladesh) M. A. Alim (BUET)


Design, Construction and Testing of a Port Fuel Injection (PFI) System for a Four Cylinder SI Engine

Md. Syed Ali Molla (KUET, Bangladesh) Mohd. Sapuan Salit (UPM, Malaysia) G.M. Sutan Mahmud Rana (KUET)


Performance Test of a Diesel Engine with Different Esters of Alternative Fuel

S.M. Najmul Hoque (RUET, Bangladesh) Mohd. Rafiqul Alam Beg (RUET) Barun Kumar Das (RUET) S.M. Rasid (RUET)


Design Operation and Maintenance of Potato Cold Storage in Bangladesh

Md. M. Islam (BUET, Bangladesh) Md. M. M. Hasan (BUET) M A R Sarkar (BUET)


Performance evaluation of PV Module Using Water Filters and Infrared Reflective Glass Covers

Y. Baradey (IIUM, Malaysia) M.N.A.Hawlader (Malaysia) M. Idresand S. I.Ihsan (Malaysia)


Investigation of Condensation Heat Transfer Characteristics for R1234ze(E), R32, R410A and Zeotropic Mixture of R1234ze(E) and R32 inside Smooth Tube

Md. Anowar Hossain (DUET, Bangladesh) Akio Miyara (JU, Japan) Md. Zahidul Sarkar (DUET) Md. Jahangir Alam (DUET)


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Thermal Engineering