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Material Science


In Situ Synthesis of Ferrites Nano  Particles Using Sono Chemical  Route                                                                                                    

P. P. Goswami (IITG, India) H.A. Choudhury (IITG) S. Chakma (IITG) V. S. Moholkar (IITG)


Influence of Porosity on Flexural Strength and Flexural Modulus of an Eco-ceramic Membrane

Sujoy Bose (IITG, India)  Chandan Das (IITG)


Effects of Deformation on Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Al-Cu Alloys

N. Nafsin (BUET, Bangladesh) H. M. M. A. Rashed (BUET )


Performance of Recycled Coarse Aggregate in Concrete Mix

B. Ahmed (RUET, Bangladesh) M. A. A. Mahmood (RUET) H. M. Rasel (RUET)


Separation of Silica from Local Clay                                                            

Hosne Ara (BUET, Bangladesh) Tasmia Zaman (RUET, Bangladesh) A.S.W. Kurny (BUET)


Effect of Clay and Moisture Content on the Properties of Molding Sand

Tasmia Zaman (RUET, Bangladesh) M. A. A. Mahmood (RUET) A. Hafiz Zaman (RUET)


Effect of Cu in Al-Si Alloys with Phase Modeling                                                

E. A. Ashrafi (BUET, Bangladesh) A. Hasan (BUET) H. M. M. A. Rashed (BUET)


Improved Dielectric Properties of La/Mn Codoped Bismuth Titanate Ceramic

M. S. Parvez (Bangladesh) M. Bodiul Islam (Bangladesh)


Structural Analysis and Mechanical Testing of Single Fiber from Ladies Finger Plant

S. Imam Hossain (BUET, Bangladesh) Mahbub Hasan (BUET)


Corrosion Behavior of Different Percentage Al-Zn Galvanized Steel            

Azrin Akhter Chowdhury (BUET, Bangladesh)


Phase Evolution & Characterization of Spinel Ferrite (Oxide) Nanocomposite material prepared by Chemical Route

Soumya Mukherjee (Jadavpur University, India) Abhigyan Datta ( JU) Mrinal Saha (JU) Siddhartha Mukherjee (JU)


Effect of Composition and Sintering Temperature on the Microstructure and Theoretical Density of Titania Stabilized Alumina Cutting Tool.

Abu Naser Rashid Reza  (BUET, Bangladesh) Tashneem  Ara Islam (RUAS, Germany)  Md. Fakhrul Islam (BUET) Md. Mohar Ali Bepari (BUET)


Corrosion  of  Galvanized Steel and Its Subtitutes in Various Environments

M. Merajul Haque (BUET, Bangladesh) S. Alam Limon (BUET) M.Moniruzzaman (BUET) Md. Mohar Ali Bepari (BUET)


Preparation and Properties of Chemically Reduced Cu and Ag Nanoparticles                                                                                                      

M. Julkarnain (RU, Bangladesh) Arup Kumar Mondal (RU) Md. Mizanur Rahman (RU) Md. Sohel Rana (RU)


Studies on the Artificial Ageing and Microstructure of the Al-6Si-0.5Mg Alloys with Copper Addition at Various Levels

A. Hossain (BUET, Bangladesh) M. S. Kaiser (BUET) A. S. W. Kurny (BUET)


Influence of Copper and Nickel Addition on Microstructure and Artificial Ageing of Al-6Si-0.5Mg Alloys                                                                         

A. Hossain (BUET, Bangladesh) M. S. Kaiser (BUET) A. S. W. Kurny (BUET)


Formation of Perovskite Structure and Microstructure Development of Nb Doped BaTiO3 Based Ceramics                                                                        

 A. N. Ahmed (BUET, Bangladesh) H. M.M.A. Rashed (BUET)


Micro Responses of Sheared Granular Materials using 3D DEM

Md. Mahmud Sazzad (RUET, Bangladesh) Toufiq-E-Alahy (RUET) Shashanka Biswas (RUET)


  Surface Alloying of CP-Ti Using preplaced Fe-C-Si powder by Tungsten Inert Gas Torch Technique

M.A Maleque (IIUM, Malaysia) S.A. Adeleke (IIUM, Malaysia)


Design and Fabrication of an Experimental Set-Up to Measure Carbon Content of an Alloy                                                                                                       

Md. Yousuf Mia (CUET, Bangladesh) J. C. Mojumder (CUET) Md. Saifur Rahman (CUET)Anamul Hossain (BUET, Bangladesh) Romel Barua(BUET)


Friction Coefficient of Copper Mating with Smooth and Rough Mild Steel Counterfaces

Mohammad A. Chowdhury (DUET, Bangladesh ) D. Muhammad Nuruzzaman (UP, Malaysia) B. K. Roy (DUET) Rajib Nandee (EKCL, Bangladesh)


Evaluation of Stabilized Soil Blocks with the inclusion of ‘Plastic Fibre’ as Sustainable Building Material: A Complete Review                                              

I. B. Muhit ( CUET, Bangladesh)


Analysis of Order of Stress Singularity at a Vertex in 3D Transversely Isotropic Piezoelectric Dissimilar Bonded Joints

Md. Shahidul Islam (KUET, Bangladesh) Md. Golam Kader (KUET)


Selection of Constitutive Models for Concrete in simulating Reinforced Concrete Members

Sharmin Reza Chowdhury (AUST, Bangladesh) Md. Shahid Mamun (AUST) Wahid Hassan (EUB, Bangladesh)


Analysis of Moisture Absorption Effect on the Longitudinal Three Point Bend Properties of Jute Epoxy Composite Processed Under Modified Compression Molding Process

Md. Rashnal Hossain (KUL, Belgium)  Md. Aminul Islam (BUET, Bangladesh) Ayasha Akter Aart (BUET) Van Vuure (KUL, Belgium)  Ignaas Verpoest (KUL, Belgium)


Stress Analysis of an Internal Grooved Pressure Vessel                          

 Abdul Mohaimen Safi (BUET, Bangladesh)



An Iteration Method for Near-tip singular fields of a crack in a Power- law Hardening Material Using Asymptotic Analysis

Md. Arefin Kowser (DUET, Bangladesh)  Md. Mahiuddin (DUET)


Ceramics in Bangladesh: Its Recent Evolution and Future Prospect

M. A. A. Mahmood (RUET, Bangladesh) M. S. Rahman (RUET) Tasmia Zaman (RUET)


Effects of Internal Resistance on the Photovoltaic Parameters of Solar Cells

Robin Khan (RUET, Bangladesh) M.F.Hossain (RUET)


Implementation of Computer-controlled Electrodeposition Methodology for Depositing Metal Oxide Thin Films

Md. Hasibul Islam (RUET, Bangladesh) Md. Faruk Hossain (RUET) Shuva Paul (RUET) Mohua Fardousi (RUET)


Investigation of Optical Properties of ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Sol-gel Method                                                                                                             

Shuva Paul (RUET, Bangladesh) Md. Faruk Hossain (RUET)


Investigation of the Photovoltaic performance of Si-based solar cells under different Light Illuminations

Mst. Rebeka Sultana (RUET, Bangladesh) Md Faruk Hossain (RUET) Mst Hasnara Khatun (RUET)


Design and Fabrication of handmade screen printing for thin film applications

Hasnara Hasi (RUET,Bangladesh) Md. Faruk Hossain (RUET) Mst. Rebeka Sultana (RUET) Robin Khan (RUET) Hasibul Islam (RUET)


Optimization of Process Parameters of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) For Stainless Steel Welding

 Naseem Ahmed (KUET, Bangladesh) Soumen Halder (KUET) Md. Asadul Islam (KUET) Niamat Ullah Ibne Hossain (KUET)


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