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Industrial Engineering



Inventory System with Postponed Demands Considering Reneging Pool and Rejecting Buffer Customer                                                                    

Mohammad  Ekramol  Islam (NU, Bangladesh) K.M Safiqul Islam (DSH, Bangladesh) M Sharif Uddin (JU, Bangladesh)


Bank Management Under Data Mining Environment Towards Fraud Detection                                                                                                 

Md.  Sarwar  Kamal (TU, Bangladesh) Md. Aktar kamal (IUT, Bangladesh) Sonia Farhana Nimmy (IUT, Bangladesh)


Inventory System with Postponed Demands and Service Facilities-MAM Approach

Mohammad Ekramol Islam (NU, Bangladesh)


Cell Formation in a Batch Oriented Production System Using a Local Search Heuristic with a Genetic Algorithm: An Application of Cellular Manufacturing System

Md. Ariful Islam (RUET, Bangladesh) Sarojit Kumar Biswas (RUET) Md. Rashedul Islam (RUET) Md. Mosharraf  Hossain (RUET)


Applying Genetic Algorithms to Resolve Facility Layout Problem  of An Industry in Bangladesh                                                                                 

Subrata Talapatra (KUET, Bangladesh) Tarapada Bhowmick (KUET) Kazi Arif-Uz-Zaman (KUET)  


Application of Six Sigma Philosophy For Reducing Process Variability: A DMAIC Model

Akhtar Ferdous Khan Asif (RUET, Bangladesh) Ripon Kumar Chakrabortty (RUET)


An Analytical Study of Hazards And Risks In Concern Of Shipbuilding Industry

Farjana Nur (KUET, Bangladesh) Dipa Rani Paul (KUET) Md. Ahasan Habib (KUET)


Implementation of Production Control Tools in Garments Manufacturing Process Focusing Printing System.

Md. Bony Amin (KUET, Bangladesh) Adnan Islam (KUET) Syimun Hasan Mehedi (KUET) Sahea Dul Bashar (KUET) Md. Ahasa Habib (KUET)



An Efficient Supply Chain in Apparel Industry                                                   

Shibbir Ahmad (BIM, Bangladesh) M. Iqbal (SUST, Bangladesh) Salma A. Iqbal (SUST) M. Roomi (Bangladesh)    


Simulation and Optimization of Natural Gas Processing Plant

Sukanta Kumar Mondal (SUST, Bangladesh)  M. Rakib Uddin (SUST) A. K. Azad (CQU, Australia)


Implementation of Lean Philosophy and Improvement of Sigma Level in Cutting Section According to DMAIC Approach                                                           


Md. Morshedul Alam (RUET, Bangladesh) Md. Sanowar Hossain (RUET)


Effect of External Magnetic Field on Drilled Hole Quality During Drilling Operation

Anayet U. Patwari (IUT, Bangladesh) Shafi Noor (IUT) Md. S.I. Chowdhury (IUT) Towfiq ullah (IUT)


Advanced Functionalization of Textiles by Nanofinishing: A Review                

Md. Milon Hossain (KUET, Bangladesh) Md. Ahsanul Karim Biswas (TU, Germany) Md. Shohan Parvez (MBSTU, Bangladesh) Sudipta Bain (MBSTU)


Characterization of Calcined Sugarcane Bagasse Ash and Sugarcane Waste Ash for Industrial Use                                                                                              

Mst. Shanjida Sultana (BCSIR, Bangladesh) Md. Aminur Rahman (BCSIR)    


Smart Textiles-New possibilities in Textile Engineering                             

Subrata Chandra Das (MBSTU, Bangladesh) Debasree Paul (MBSTU)  Sk. Md. Mahamudul Hasan (MBSTU) Nasif Chowdhury (MBSTU) Md. Eanamul Haque Nizam (MBSTU)


Analysis and Treatment of Waste Water of Textile Dyeing Industry: Study On Bulbul Textile, Kushtia, Bangladesh                                  

S.M. Hasan  Razu (KU, Bangladesh) Abul Kalam Azad (ESD, Khulna, Bangladesh) Quazi Hamidul Bari (KUET, Bangladesh) Masudur Rahman (ESD)



Investigation of Powder and Binder Mixing Mechanism in Metal Injection Molding

Altab Hossain (UM, Malaysia) I. A. Choudhury (UM) M. Azuddin (UM) C. X. Yun (UM)


Epistemic Uncertainty Study of the Conceptual Phase of Product Development by Multi-Valued Logic and Information Content

Md  Mamunur  Rashid (BIM, Bangladesh) AMM Sharif Ullah (KIT, Japan) Jun’ichi Tamaki (KIT) M.A Rashid Sarker (BUET, Bangladesh)


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